Dark Heresy: The Damocles Gulf

Assault on Waypoint E-76

Imperial Guard regiment “The Imperial Comets” were tasked with retaking a trade waypoint that had reportedly fallen into the hands of a Chaos cult. When they arrived they launched their signature assualt pods at the waypoints astroid station, planning to cleanse the station of Chaos taint. The 42nd Assault Squad’s pod crashed through the surface of the astroid and into a series of large tunnels that run under the facility. Inside the tunnels, the 42nd encountered a large unknown lifeform that attacked them in the darkness of the underground labyrinthe. In an instant they were slaughtered until only 3 remained; two new recruits and an Adept of Mars who had only recently been assigned to field work. The three remaining members gunned down the monstrosity and discovered it was infact a tyranid beast and not a chaos spawn. The 42nd then discovered they were in an exhaust tunnel for the reactor and narrowly escaped being burned alive while fighting off a trio of fierce termagaunts.

Once in the station proper the 42nd found itself inside a restricted section of the facility. The troopers of the 42nd quickly discovered why it was restricted as they happened across a room that was heavily warded, containing only a single black casket. One of the members of the 42nd, was uncontroleably drawn towards the casket. Rather than risk catastrophy, the Techpriest attempted to shoot his fellow squadmate before he could tamper with the casket. Unfortunately, the shot whent wide and struck the casket, knocking it over and freeing it’s contents. From the casket stepped a georgeous naked woman. After gingerly touching the chin of the enraptured trooper, she thanked the Techpriest and left. Shortly after, troopers from the 45th assualt squad appeared and began to haphazardly fire upon the reminants of the 42nd. The 45th was clearly under the effects of Chaos taint. After a brief firefight, a trooper from the 42nd in a fit of zealous rage charged the servants of the Archenemy. Chanting the Prayer of the Emperor, the trooper slew one and forced the others to retreat from his holy wrath. They proceeded to the stations reactor, intent on destroying the station and the filth that had taken root in it. As they made their way to the reactor, they discovered that the key they needed to self-destruct the facility was in the posession of the foreman. The Foreman, they discovered, was now a horrible brood lord, leader of the ‘Nid infestion on the station. Hope seemed lost!

The intrepid members of the 42nd were determined to succeed, and pressed on despite almost certin death. When they arrived in the reactor room they found the Tyranid slaughtered. T he naked woman from before sat on the control panel, with the key and a pack of daemonettes under her control at her side. After a brief but heated exchange, the woman released the key to the troopers and waited while they set the self destruct into motion, keeping her demons at bay. Once the self destruct was active the daemon allowed them to leave unmolested, and thanked them again.

They were able to acquire a ship off the astroid, and began to return to their cruiser, their mission finally complete. However, they were intercepted by one of the Inquisition’s black ships. After a brief interrogation and a trial by the blade, the troopers of the 42nd were deemed uncorrupted and sent back to their ship to await their next deployment.

Early Career as Acolytes

Classification: Omega violet
Date: 746.M41
Subject: Report on Daemonhunter Ahmazzi’s acolytes.
Recipient: Classified

This report contains all the information that I was able to gather on the acolytes that have served under Ahmazzi during the late half of 745.M41 to the early part of 746.M41. The information contained in this report was obtained through clandestine information gathering and eye witness reports.

The acolytes first entered the Daemonhunter’s service after their ill fated assault on Classified. They were deployed to Scintalia


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